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Hey! My name's Jamie, and I have worked with and owned horses for the last 16 years, and during this time, I have had the opportunity to work with horses with various abilities.

I am using the knowledge I have attained to help and coach others who need assistance with their companions in the Suffolk and Norfolk area. To get in touch, send me a message with what you need, and I'd be happy to work with you!

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Equine Behaviourist Jamie Finch in Suffolk UK


As an equine behaviourist, I identify issues and create personalised behaviour modification plans using positive reinforcement. My goal is to foster positive relationships between horses and owners.

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Equine Behaviourist Jamie Finch in Suffolk UK


My coaching provides personalised guidance, strengthening the bond between horse and owner. I empower owners with knowledge and skills to manage behavioural challenges independently, leading to a rewarding partnership.

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Equine Behaviourist Jamie Finch in Suffolk UK


I use a progressive approach to develop horses' skills over time in my schooling programs. With versatile training methods, I unlock their full potential, preparing them for success in various disciplines.

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A horse in water

Patience in Natural Horsemanship

Cultivate a harmonious horse-human relationship with the transformative power of patience in natural horsemanship. Explore the importance of understanding, communication, problem-solving, and trust building in your equestrian journey

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Mastering Ground Tying and Standing Still

Discover the essential skills of ground tying and teaching your horse to stand still. Enhance safety, efficiency, and the bond with your equine companion. Explore practical applications and safety considerations in this comprehensive guide.

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Equine Agility: 5 Key Exercises

Explore these 5 essential horse agility exercises to enhance your horse's skills and deepen the bond between you. Improve trust, agility, and versatility in your equine companion

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If you fall outside of the marked area, get in touch and I will try my best to fit you in.

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